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Joe is available and ready to schedule new projects. Please contact Joe by phone or email to schedule your next project.

Soon Starting our 12th year on February 26th !

"Thank you Joe for what you do for homeowners. You are the best"

 ( Actual, unsolicited, unedited comment from a longtime real roofer )

"Joe, you are very good at what you do." ( Actual unsolicted, unedited comment from one of the best construction defect lawyers in our region. **This guy was voted lawyer of the year by his peers ! ) ** These two comments are legitimate. I don't need to  engage in prevarication ( lying ).

PLEASE NOTE : We do not sell or install any roofing materials. We do not install or repair roofs. We are not affiliated with any roofing contractor, roofing manufacturer, or roofing supplier. We are an independent, neutral, impartial, unbiased & unimpeachable third-party company offering professional roof consulting, advice, guidance for people and also owner advocacy for those unable to advocate for themselves. My reports and findings are an opinion based on product manufacturer specs, local codes, industry standards and my 44 years of legitimate verifiable experience. I do not give a warranty or guarantee of any kind. I haven't been beaten by a roof yet  so I seriously doubt yours would be the first. Please look through the various photo galleries to see roofs of all types, sizes, shapes, locations. There is a bit of everything there to see. Of course nobody knows absolutely everything about absolutely everything including me so occasionally I consult with product manufacturers, local and state building officials, inspectors and code specialists. I know who to call. If I am putting my name on the line I need to be 100% certain I am accurate.

Very reasonable pricing  : My wife says too reasonable. Very few folks do roof consulting. There are a lot of consultants but only a few do roofing only. I have copies of reports and invoices from 2 of my very talented competitors. One charged $734 for a roof in Milwaukie that I charged $275 for and I found more negative issues with the roof  than he found. Same talented guy wanted a $5,000 retainer for a job in Bend that I did for $860. A different guy charged $2,520 for a job in St Helens. My bill was $455 and again I found more than he did. Much more. Really! One likely reason for the pricing difference is that my sendings are 'no frills'. I prefer substance over style. My reports are not like a magazine with pages of captioned photos along with the text. I send documents in one email and if there are legitimate negative issues I send individually numbered emails, each dealing with one thing. In the subject line I put 'Item # 1-3-5-8- whatever on Roof Summary' so the numbered emails correspond with the numbered items on the summary. ** To see examples of our reports go to our legendary Hall Of Shame. There you will find links to 8 reports in the 2022 version and 7 reports in the 2023 version. Occasionally someone wants me to write my report the way they want it done. My answer is always NO. My report is  my report. What I send is what I send. Every job I do is a potential liability so the report must read the way I want it to read. Period.  In 10 1/2 years I have had 2 people complain about the format / presentation of my reports. I told them both that I was truly sorry they didn't approve of how I run my business. About 98% of clients have been great however some folks, though there are a very few who are.................ummmm............... know......................

It's all about safe access : It's not possible for me to safely examine every square foot of every roof. I can't, won't, don't take unnecessary risks. Height, obstacles, pitch, terrain, etc are factors. Same with attics, if I can't get up there reasonably easy and safely then I don't get up there. To quote Humphrey Bogart " I stick my neck out for nobody ". Occasionally I will hire a roofer to bring an extra long ladder as the ladders I carry only go so high. Several times I have hired a drone vendor to get to dangerous hard to see areas. Mostly though, I do ladder to gutter and / or binoculars if I can't get safely on the roof and look around. One way or another I can assess any roof. Haven't been beaten by a roof yet. Not all roofs are 1 story and a 4/12 pitch. I don't show up with 9 ladders, 4 helpers, scaffolding, ropes and harnesses like in the roofing days. Those days are over thank goodness.

You are part of the process :   Don't hire a contractor just because they did your neighbors' roof. Their roof could be screwed up and they don't know it. Most folks know nothing about roofing and sure aren't about to get up there and look around. Even if they did they would not have a clue as to what they were looking at.  A roof looks a whole lot different being viewed from the ground by a lay person compared to someone with decades of experience up there close and personal. Do your homework. Nobody is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to hire an incompetent ripoff with no conscience or integrity. 

( My personal opinion, career experiences, anecdotes, and field observations regarding various aspects of the roofing industry are occasionally offered for client consideration. How clients use this information is beyond the control or interest of ORC ).

Need Help with Your Roof? We Offer Professional Roof Consultation & Inspection in Oregon and Washington
Oregon (& Washington) Roof Consulting and Inspection 

Residential and commercial roofing project consulting. Professional roof consulting & owner advocacy for home & property owners. Also serving: Property management companies, investment groups, relocation companies, HOAs, Churches, school districts - partial or entire, state and local governments, United States Coast Guard, airports, real estate professionals, banks, insurance companies, roofing contractors. Offered services include but are not limited to: Producing job specifications tailor made for individual projects, onsite assessments, expert witness for legal proceedings, inspections, project monitoring / managing, and certifications. Affordable, thorough, detail oriented and capable guidance to assure your roofing project is done right. 44 years of verifiable - legitimate Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Nevada, Rarotonga hands on roofing experience for residential and commercial roofing projects. Joe Sardotz is an industry watchdog, occasional pain in the backside for roofers, builders, and lawyers, and a passionate / relentless consumer advocate who helps people get roofing quality and value. ** I don't text and have never facebooked, tweeted, or instagrammed and never use the words 'like' or 'awesome'.

The time worn phrase “You get what you pay for” is only partially true. Many people do not get what they pay for when they purchase a roof. They assume it's a good job. A roof looks a lot different up close than it does from the ground. A majority of homeowners who buy a new roof will not recommend their roofer! Unfortunately the bar for roofing is set quite low around here and everywhere. According to the CCB, the roofing and concrete trades have the highest rate of complaints though all trades have no shortage of complaints and it is getting worse. Duplicitous and larcenous bandits and con artists both male & female abound.  There is no shortage of wannabes & predators - bank it. There are 'professional roofers' who are on their 4th-5th-6th license in less than 10 years. There are 'professional roofers' who sit on their brains all day, make phone calls, and sub everything out to marginally skilled folks at best and even to roofing companies that don't exist. We see an incredibly large amount of egregious prevarication going on. Many roofers have not bothered to read the Oregon Residential Specialty Code, chapter 9 'Roof Assemblies' and many are probably not aware that there even IS a code. One constant we have noticed is the amazing transformation of customer service from good to not so good once the contract has been signed. Just because someone is licensed, bonded and insured does not automatically mean they are a legitimate, experienced, qualified, quality oriented professional roofer. It's just as likely they are just another hack. Obtaining a CCB license isn't that difficult. They even gave one to me! Recently a West Coast, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana/Alaska rep for a major roofing manufacturer told me, "The roofing industry has been destroyed". He was dead serious. Considering the amount of shoddy and sometimes fraudulent work, poor communication, and terrible customer service that I see on an all to regular basis I'd have to mostly agree. Integrity, character and credibility are in short supply. People are not willing to take responsibility for their actions. It's always someone else's fault. Usually mine.

For sure there are many outstanding, professional, qualified, legitimate, quality - customer oriented, capable contractors in our region. They DO exist and there are plenty. Unfotunately and in this writer's opinion they are in the minority. When I started this business 10 years ago I had no idea how much conflict, confrontation, and bad blood between homeowners and contractors there would be.To be honest it has been simply astonishing. I sincerely doubt then when folks decide to spend many thousand$ on a new roof their goal is to buy a sub standard roof that is not to code or industry standards. Yet, this is what I see on an all too regular basis.

ORC has inspected far too many brand new roofs that needed extensive repairs or full replacement. There is a code and there are shingle manufacturers installation instructions. It would be beneficial if roofers would take the time to read them. In reality I am simply doing my job. People ask for an inspection so I give them an accurate, honest opinion. I offer people the benefit of my 42 years of experience. There are very few 'Independents' that do roof consulting in our entire region. ORC is the only company that does what we do, the way we do it, and for the price we charge. I've checked. Yes there are plenty of construction and building envelope consultants but very few do only roofing. ORC is the only 'independent' that does roof work only nd residential roof certifications (See Blog article).

Many people say "I had no idea there was a service / company like yours." I base my findings on manufacturers installation specifications, industry standards, and applicable Code(s). Period. Many roofers are too used to a blank check and a perpetual get out of jail free card. They don't appreciate the scrutiny. It's amazing how many roofers and their enablers are willing to defend, condone, and justify shoddy work. If a homeowner is paying many thousands of dollars for a new roof I don't think it's asking too much to have it done correctly. I'm not a lawyer don't pretend to be one but I have helped hundreds of folks avoid having to hire a lawyer. When a roofer is presented with a bucket load of facts they tend to throw in the towel. It feels good to prevent folks from getting ripped off and it feels even better to help folks become un-ripped off.

About the Roofing Industry:

Ours is an industry with a deservedly tarnished image. It is the contractor's obligation, responsibility, and requirement to install roof coverings to shingle manufacturers' and/or Oregon Residential Specialty Code specifications. All trades of course have their renegades, but according to the Oregon Construction Contractors Board ('CCB', formerly the 'Builder's Board'), roofing companies & concrete companies have the highest rates of complaints, lawsuits, conflicts, and other issues out of all construction trade

Be wary regarding shingle manufacturer's material warranties. 'Lifetime' means as long as you are in the structure and the warranty is transferable once under certain conditions meaning as long as the paperwork is done correctly. Statistically, people move every 7 years so shingle manufacturers are only on the hook for 14 years - so - some manufacturers put out a thin lightweight shingle with minimal asphalt which in reality may last 15 - 20 years. They don't even print the weight per square of the shingles on the shingle wrappers any longer. Kind of disingenuous, yes ? Manufacturers can spend many million$ in annual shipping costs so the lighter the shingle the more that can be shipped. Follow the money. A '50 year warranty' looks good on paper but some '50 year' shingles will only last half that and certain manufacturers know it. I have seen paper thin shingles that have a 50 year warranty. They will not last 50 years. They bank on you moving or not transfering the paperwork properly when the structure is sold.

I have found many new roofs so poorly done that they needed repairs or full replacement. Many folks unfortunately go with the cheapest bid which occasionally works out but not very often. The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. Roofing is highly competitive and is one of the more 'cutthroat' trades. Twenty bids bring twenty prices. Plenty of quality / customer oriented roofing contractors do business in our area, and I regularly recommend them. **I receive no finders fee or kickback from anyone I recommend.** Unfortunately, many contractors simply do not make the grade, yet they do a lot of work and to look at their websites you would get the impression they were all #1. The huge amount of terrible customer reviews all over the internet is mind boggling. There are some real predators out there with bad intentions so buyer beware!

Simply put, a lot of people in the roofing business have absolutely no business being in the roofing business. On average contractors are in business 5 years. Many reopen under a new name and for good reason. Marginally skilled or poorly trained installers are all too common. Employee turnover is high at many roofing companies. The use of subcontractors being paid piece-work is frequent. Paying piecework encourages speed and speed compromises quality. You can do it fast or you can do it right - you can't do both. Not possible. Legitimate quality control is the exception rather than the rule. Corners are often and regularly cut. Fundamental mistakes are made with regularity either because the roofers / installers don't know or don't care. I see it all the time. Improper nailing is widespread and all too frequent. Proper fastening is crucial. Inferior components are frequently used. Many times what is on the contract doesn't match up with what is on the roof. Integrity, professionalism, and product quality, unfortunately, are not always present regardless of price paid.

What About Permits?

All commercial roofing projects in Oregon as well as any building that generates income requires a permit. Residential roofing projects in many locales do not require a permit. Some cities do require a permit. In Washington the rules are different so be aware. Often, a permit is not pulled even when one is required. A contractor risks a steep financial penalty by failing to pull required permits. However, the chances are slim to none of being caught due to local government budget constraints. Local building inspectors do not go out on "patrol", so failing to obtain a permit is a common occurrence.

Doing the Job Right.

It is the contractor's requirement, responsibility, and obligation to install roof coverings to manufacturers specifications and/or the Oregon Residential Specialty Code. Having been a roofer for a long time I am fully aware that the tolerances for roofing are not the same as tolerances for building a grand piano or a Rolls Royce. I get it. Some variation or 'wiggle room' is to be expected. Problem is, many contractors do way too much wiggling. Considering the cost of a new roof we believe the property owner is not out of line to expect that the job be done correctly. Just because a permit is sometimes not required doesn't give the contractor the green light to cut corners and perform shoddy work. Do the job professionally and correctly the first time, what a concept!

We want your roofing job to be done correctly. Almost four decades of hands-on roofing experience have enabled Oregon Roof Consulting and Inspection's owner Joe Sardotz to develop a checklist for installing pitched roofs and also flat roof systems. When implemented, these checklists produce a significant upgrade in a roof's waterproofing abilities as well as its overall appearance, far exceeding the quality and integrity of most installed roofs. Joe's checklists will transform the typical mediocre roof installation into a high performer. Guaranteed. See Joe's Blog article for details.

What Else Should You Know?

Material manufacturers set forth exact guidelines for installing all roofing materials. If a roof is not installed to manufacturer's specifications, part of your material warranty could very well become void. The manufacturers warrant their shingles and blowoff provided the roofing is fastened to their specifications which are very precise. The installation is warranted by the contractor. While in the retail roofing sector of the industry I sold many new roofs to owners whose roofing job was so poorly done replacement was required. The homeowner's' install was so bad that it was cheaper (and better) to rip it off, throw it in the drop box, and start over. This will not happen to you if I am involved. I will make certain that you get what you pay for and do not become another statistic. We will present specs to the bidders to include in their proposal. I believe in owner advocacy and I will make contractor integrity, professionalism, and quality of product for the owner the top priority.

My Mission:
To assist property owners prior, during, and after the new or re-roofing process, I am an impartial third-party home / property owner advocate / watchdog with no affiliation to any contractor or distributor or materials manufacturer whatsoever. I receive no finders fee or 'kickback' from any contractor that I recommend to anyone.

My Commitment:
I am neutral, independent and impartial. My findings and reports are accurate and factual. Sometimes folks do not like what I tell them but they know my findings are sincere and honestly arrived at. I am diligent, thorough, versatile, and easygoing. I don't mince words and am direct and to the point. I look forward to working with you. Please keep in mind that I have no employees and work solely as an owner / operator, so in busy periods it may take some time before I can help but I certainly always try to be as prompt as possible and am available on weekends if need be. I'm not selling anything therefore I can afford to be honest. With contractors, objectivity isn't always profitable.

What I Do in a Nutshell:

  • Explain the difference in the quality of various roofing materials and components. There is a difference. (See Before and After Photos Here).
  • Make certain the contract document is adhered to, that corners are not cut, and that inferior components are not used on your project. You are paying a lot of money for a full time roof so I will make certain that you (get) a full time roofing job.
  • Eliminate the nightmare of your hiring unqualified vendors. This happens many times on a daily basis.
  • Help you find the right roofing contractor as well as avoid the wrong roofing contractor.
  • Develop the correct scope of work, tailored to your specific needs, to present to your chosen vendor.
  • Assist in monitoring the project from beginning, to end, to final inspection to ensure the job was done:
    • According to the signed contract and to material manufacturers specifications and;
    • To applicable installation guidelines, rules and requirements.

My degree of involvement is up to you. Unlike huge commercial-oriented consultants with high overhead, my services are affordable and will be nominal compared to what you will spend on your project. Paying a nominal fee that is a fraction of what you will spend for a new roof to assure a quality job is money well spent. Learn more about Oregon Roof Consulting and Inspection services and prices

Oregon Roof Consulting and Inspection owner Joe Sardotz first worked on a roof in 1973 doing grunt work for his brother's small roofing company. Joe has 44 years of legitimate verifiable roofing experience, including installation, estimating, project managing, and now independent consulting locally, and a career as an Oregon roofing contractor that spanned the better part of three decades. He has done at least 14,000 roofing estimates, for all types of roofing, with millions of dollars in sales. Learn more about Joe Sardotz

Places where we've helped folks:

Rarotonga ( Cook Islands - South Pacific ); Portland; Maywood Park; Gresham; Fairview; Troutdale; Corbett; Cascade Locks; Hood River; The Dalles; Odell; Parkdale; Damascas; Boring; Sandy; Rhododendron; Welches; Madras; Bend; Sunriver; Three Rivers; Sisters; Lyons, Linnton; Sauvie Island; Scappoose; Warren; St Helens; Burlington; Columbia City; Rainier; Goble; Woodburn; Silverton; Salem; Jefferson; Sweet Home; Lebanon; Corvallis; Philomath; Alsea; Marcola; Eugene; Springfield; Cottage Grove; Walterville; Creswell; Westfir / Oakridge; Ashland; Klamath Falls; Beaverton; Hillsboro; Aloha; Forest Grove; Gaston; Cornelius; Dayton; Banks; Buxton; Astoria; Lincoln City ( Roads End ); Siletz; Cloverdale; Pacific City; Depoe Bay; Seaside; Gearhart; Warrenton; Oceanside; Tillamook; Rockaway; Manzanita; Gleneden Beach; Cannon Beach; Nehalem; Florence; Coos Bay; Seal Rock; Waldport; Port Orford; Wilsonville; West Linn; Tigard; King City; Tualatin; Lake Oswego; Milwaukie; Clackamas; Oregon City; Canemah; Canby; Aurora; Hubbard; Gladstone; Happy Valley; Beavercreek; Mulino; Molalla; Mt Angel; Colton; Eagle Creek; Estacada; McMinnville; Sherwood; Newberg; Carlton; Yamhill; Lafayette; Vancouver; Brush Praire; Camas; Washougal; Stevenson; White Salmon; Ridgefield;  La Center; Battleground; Kalama; Kelso; Amboy; Longview; Cathlamet; Ocean Park; Oysterville; Seaview ( Long Beach ); Olympia; Puyallup; Federal Way; Marysville; Olalla; Kent; Renton; Issaquah; Duvall; Snoqualmie; Seattle; Poulsbo; North Bend; Lynnwood; Okanagan; Port Townsend; Richland ( Tri Cities ); Edmonds; San Francisco; Oakland; Napa; Richmond; Alameda; Berkeley; Fremont; Pleasanton; Fresno; Sacramento; Reno; Shasta; be continued........

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    Residential and commercial roofing project consulting in Oregon; Portland Metro, Oregon; Bend, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; Washington State; and the Pacific Northwest area. Offering professional roof consulting, inspections, project monitoring, and certifications for property owners and homeowners.

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